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CLASS OF 2028-2029 WATCH LIST!!!

Its Finally Here folks! Elite Athletes Presents 2019 RNRTOP100 | NORTH Watchlist We've compiled a list of the top athletes that we've had the chance of evaluating at the 2019 All- Region Combine, 2019 Elite Athletes | Mid- Atlantic Showcase Games and all the recent games covered by RNR SPORTS MEDIA, 302 ELITE ATHLETES, UBORA FILMS!

DISCLAIMER: IF YOU MADE THE WATCHLIST, IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU AUTOMATICALLY MAKE THE TOP100 RANKINGS! IF YOU'RE NOT ON THE WATCHLIST, IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU WONT MAKE THE FINAL TOP100 RANKINGS! Watchlist is determined by Combine and Showcase Games Performance, early season performances, as well as coaches Nominations.

RANKINGS are based on IN SEASON GAME PLAY, Submitted GAME FOOTAGE, Evaluations by #EliteAthletesScoutingNetwork #RNRCERTIFIED SCOUTS, AND FILM CAPTURED BY Coach "Katt" Thomas (RNR SPORTS MEDIA), Coach Ty Timmons (UBORA FILMS), and Isaiah Fleming (302 ELITE ATHLETES).


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